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The heading is a perfect description, this blog is as random and crazy as if my mind had a usb port connected to here. If you're looking for something to learn about the little, insignificant things in life people wouldn't usually care about, this is the place. Stay a while and try some links, you might just enjoy yourself...^_^ I'll leave you with this: Did you know a butterfly can taste with it's feet???

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hello there! Back again! A new year, and hopefully less bouts of procrastination. What is it with all the words that end in "..ation"? They all have bad reputations! Anyway, now that i've established my total lack of knowledge for the english language, i'll talk about the design conference i'm going to in a few weeks called Semipermanent. All I know of it is that you get a truckload of free stuff, and looks more urban and cosmoplitan than AG ideas, which i've been to and loved! When your'e in a room listening intensly to someone who is where you want to be soon along with thousands of other young equally competitive and also intimidated people it creates an electricity in the air thats uncomparable.

Well, if you feel ultra-exited to see some of my work in progress, check this out! Ok, Cya!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

So.. What to say? We're working whith dreamweaver and the quality of most graphic designer's sites leaves me feeling inadequate... I suppose if my home computer wasn't dead i'd be able to catch up ^_^ I'ts a 4 year old imac, and those things are bloody heavy when you have to carry them around uni to try and cheaply fix it, then admit defeat and heave it to the computer shop. $300!!

Anywhoo, not much to add, see ya!

Friday, May 14, 2004

Well, here again...abait a long time. When something no longer becomes an assesable part of your course, you tend to get a bit lax. How good is the new blogger??? Everything's exactly where you need, it. 'Change date', 'Republish'....lovely. Shame it happened AFTER our marks got back! ^_^

Ah well..So what to say now??? Eurovision is only a couple of sleeps away (however you define a couple is up to you) and the Aussie hot pick is the pre-pubesant French Idol winner with a soppy ballard...yay.

What about the funky, pelvis thrusting spanish guy??? There's never enough young, sexy people in the world with velevt accents....

Ahem, aaanyway, just a side note, my friend has had her second child. Friends getting houses, second children, almost everybody's engaged..it's enough to make any almost 21-year-old freak!

Okay, the bus beckonds...if you feel generous, send some good karma my way because i'm waiting for a hear-back from some scholarship people....thanks! See ya!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Jackie Chan...and in my usual off the track way...SBS

What more can I say??? Jackie Chan rocks! I've seen most of his movies. One bonding thing I used to do with my Dad way back when was watching Jackie Chan movies on Saturday nights on SBS. I love SBS, the very, very weird foreign films at 3 in the morning, the usual chinese horror female vixen ghost stories, Inspector Rex or should I say KommissarRex! (don't tell me you haven't heard of him!), and what about The Eurovision Song Contest! Gotta love that!

(If you haven't noted the sarcasam yet you're probably American! ^_^)
And remeber...Euro Vision....only 39 days away!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2004


What can I say? One of my first asprations was to be a muppeteer..not a puppeteer! I loved the muppets, I used to practise my hand work (Kermits frown..."mrrrrh") for facial expressions and all my voices and impersonations. I worked on some characters too. That's what I wanted to be, and a small part of me still wants to run off to the muppet studio in America or England and play with felt and microphones all day!

My favourite character ever!! The Swedish Chef! He's so whacked out, I love him!

Their other works The person next to me (remaining nameless ^_^) just informed me that i've gotten no work done at all since I ventured onto the muppet site... so i'm off!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Hey there!
How crammed is this full of text? I'd get tired reading my blog too! ^_^ Deb made a very important point about the dentist assistant's lack of caring when it comes to sucking out the saliva with that thing (what people in the industry like to call a spit-sucker-device-thingo... ^_^ thanks to...) That assitant almost choked me...TWICE!. I don't whine all that much at the medical side of things, but when i'm choking...aaand i'm trying to inform the dentist that yet again I can still feel what he's doing over the local anesthetic...you beging to wonder about who your letting poke around with your bits!

Slightly squeamish about medical instruments???
Check this place out! A very, comforting place (yeah..) where you can get nice quality indexed pictures of *Instruments of torture! Mwah ha ha haww...* ahem! I mean...ah just go and freak yourself out already!

Monday, March 29, 2004

Cute things....the scientific approach

Yeah, yeah, you'd figure a page that's predominately purple (not pink okay!!) would have this mushed onto it...what made be bring it up is that the female of our species (I think I saw this on The human instinct - it's a great online test page too!) actually produces a sort of chemical when exposed to "cute" things (I call it the "awww" chemical ^_^). That's why you see the most feminine women walking around with 3,000 big-eyed disney related characters attached to them (it's not an insult guys). It actually stems from the primal need for woman to give a rats' (i.e care) about their young (i.e kids) so they don't leave them out in the cold or get sick of them. Pretty crazy huh?

While on the subject of infectiously cute things, try this funky guy! Weird japanese characters are cool!

In this day and age of no-animal policy in renting, how would an online pet sound? Sure, you've heard of tamagotchi's - they can really pee you off, constant attention, always chirping at you, blah, blah. But what about a pet that you can leave for ages and when you come back, it's only slightly dying!
Interested? Try Neopets...all the love an electronic web-based application can possibly give you!

Sunday, March 28, 2004

My top 5 favourite movies

- Life is beautiful
- Amelie (the site is really cool!)
- A life less ordinary
- Schinder's List
- Labyrinth

("You remind me off the babe
what babe?
...'babe with the power
What power?
...'the power of voodoo
...'You do
Do what?
...remind me off the babe!" ^_^) ...Anyone remember???

Another crazy movie I saw recently: See no evil, hear no evil Gene Wilder, Richard Prior 1989

Saturday, March 27, 2004

My favourite poem...ever.

To see the world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wild flower
hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour

William Blake

More of his here

Friday, March 26, 2004


Yesterday I learned about Google whacking. To quote:"it's a word game that you play using the Internet. You go to the search engine Google, you put two words in, you press 'search'. Normally, any two words you choose, it'll come back with thousands of pages. If it comes back saying, "Here is the one and only one page containing those two words," that there is a Googlewhack and you've succeeded.

Here's a googlewhack I got after 5 minutes "tarpit hangnail"
...10mins "terrytoweling asp". Try it, you'll be surprised at what you come up with...and even more surprised at what's actually out there.
See ya!

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